Majesty Kingdom
The Republic of Union of Myanmar

Her Majesty Palace HQ has The World Government includes the World Federals.
As well as for World Economics: Her Majesty runs her own Majesty Enterprises.
Copyright Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C: 
 The Golden Palace Origin  
The "Majesty Kingdom" Origin at Myanmar: 

The Only Majesty Kingdom; One & The Only Majesty Queen of this world, does not usually need any official seal or nomination from any land or any human just to reign if Her Majesty chooses not to when not necessary, as just as is: only by nature at itself since was born have already reigned on every soil of every land,  throughout this entire earth.

The Majesty is simply The Majesty, and Not a Royal or Not a commoner.
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The Majesty Kingdom  always has  to attach  At Least with Four Royal Kingdoms; Total of More Than 5 Royal Kingdoms (including empire, dynasty, imperial, monarch; various types of all other Kingdoms) together since in origin. Differences between and among The Majesty Kingdom and Royal Kingdoms , and States Kingdom,  Click here.

Symbolic Unselfish Principle is Most Important Insignia of The Kingdom of Majesty. Any Nation in interest  to become any type of Kingdoms, Contact a nearest Regional Diamond Palace .


The United Majesty Military; of The Family Kingdoms have established since The start of human world in origin; The Pyu City since The Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C.

Within Full Structure of The Majesty Kingdom: The Golden Palace of HM The World Majesty, Diamond Palace Origin  for Diamond Palaces of Nations (on behalf of Golden Palace) run by HMH The Grand Duke and Royal Kings & Queens, and The President administers The Executive Office as Head of State, The Prime Minister  leads the National Ministries as Head of Government,  together with The Original Working Palace Directly overseen by Diamond Palace Headquarters of His Majesty Highness The Grand Duke.

United Majesty Council as  The UMJ PDCs protect  Every National Diamond Palaces (together with  HMH) while Her Majesty is not at present on any land, as  Responsible Security Council of The Majesty Kingdom Origin.                      





      Heraldry of Diamond Palaces Worldwide 
On behalf of The Golden Palace: 
                            World Sovereignty's Coat of Arms                           
of The Majesty's Dual Lions Original
    [NOT include the word "President"]

 Definition of The "World Sovereignty":
Supreme Power of The World Authority  

Official Global Language of The World Original

Dictionary'll be published at it own unique version.
Governing Structure of Federative Majesty Kingdom is Led by The Majesty (and Council), Royals, Presidential and Parliamentary in brief sequence, usually oversee the Sovereign of at least Five Kingdoms, which is unlike Any Kingdom alone or Any Presidential State alone of Any State or Land.

 The Building Structures of The Majesty's Original Kingdom Detail:
The Building Structure of Federative Majesty Kingdom of Myanmar includes
The Majesty Palace, Diamond Palaces of Grand Dukes (and a Royal Castle), Presidential House, Assembly Body, Parliamentary (with a Prime Minister), Governor Mansions, State / District / Local Administrative offices in complete sequences, which is also unlike Presidential only States or Royal Kingdoms.


Currently Diamond Palace Origin maintains

The Nation Palace HQ, of Myanmar. 

The Sovereign's Coat of Arms include the word "The Palace"]

  Presidential Seal of World Federal Government:  Coming soon.............
  World Federal Government's Seal includes the word "World Federal President"

   Definition of The "Republic": Governing Council of HM The Majesty oversees
the Election Commission & the representatives of the people at World Congress.

© Diamond Palaces Worldwide, of Myanmar Kingdoms Origin. All rights reserved.

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